Land restoration and environmental justice

Environmental destruction and loss of tribal lands negatively impacts the cultural, spiritual and economic well-being of our communities. The fund supports organizing work to reclaim traditional land base and restore traditional stewardship of natural resources.

Fund of the Sacred Circle Deadline

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
11:59 pm
The Fund of the Sacred Circle (FSC) supports Native leadership working to ensure that indigenous cultures are honored, American Indians are treated with fairness and equity, and that the sovereignty and self-determination of Native people is secure.

Water Legacy

Wild rice provides an important food source for wild life, and is therefore integral to the overall ecology of northeastern Minnesota. Sulfide mining and its environmental consequences, which are relatively new to the state, represent an immediate and urgent threat to not only Minnesota’s wild rice beds, but to the state’s water systems and every being that depends on them.

Indigenous People's Green Jobs Coalition

The Indigenous People's Green Jobs Coalition was formed to ensure that indigenous people have a voice in the new green economy. The Indigenous People's Green Jobs Coalition will launch and sustain an effective state-wide movement that will result in the development of training programs, legislation, funding and awareness of the need to create healthy sustainable communities in this emerging green economy for Indigenous people.

Indigenous Environmental Network

The Indigenous Environmental Network (EIN) is a Native-based national environmental and economic justice network based in Bemidji MN working to strengthen grassroots efforts to bring about fundamental change. This specific grant will provide general operating support for a Minnesota based campaign which will result in new leaders who use indigenous science to solve local concerns of food security and sovereignty. The Ojibwe Seventh Generation Guardianship project combines native language revitalization with environmental conservation by engage the whole community in understanding the relationship and protecting local ecosystems that grow wild food and medicinal plants.

Red Cliff Land Recovery Project

Reclaiming the traditional land base and restoring traditional stewardship of natural resources.

Headwaters Foundation Announces 2011 Fund of the Sacred Circle Grant Awards

The 2011 Fund of the Sacred Circle Grantees are Dakota Wicohan, Waadookodaading Language Immersion Charter School, White Earth Land Recovery Project and WI Tribal Language Consortium.

Headwaters Foundation Announces 2010 Fund of the Sacred Circle Grant Awards

The Headwaters Foundation for Justice is pleased to announce $40,000 in grant awards to four Wisconsin- and Minnesota-based nonprofits through the Fund of the Sacred Circle. This year's grantees are Dakota Wicohan, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous People’s Green Jobs Coalition and Waadookodaading Language Immersion Charter School
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