These Are the Hard Times that Forge Real Leadership

Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling.

  • Proposed changes in election processes that would make it more difficult to vote.
  • Tinkering with the state constitution to move marriage equality further out of reach.
  • Deconstruction of labor rights and collective bargaining for workers.
  • Persistent disparities in education, health, and economic status in our state.

These are the hard times that forge real leadership.

I have seen it in the persistence of community organizers working against the odds. In the exasperation that is moving individuals to new levels of participation. In the partnerships that are emerging around shared values and a shared vision for what our state can and should be for all people.

Headwaters at its core is about doing the hard work to fix systems that are broken.

We dig in to these frustrating times and amazingly, find new hope for the future. Because each of us is a resource and a leader. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And together, we see what an incredible difference we can make.

Our communities can do better and will do better because of the work our donors make possible with their support.

Work that advances education equity, secures fair wages and working conditions for all laborers, reduces instances of racial profiling, drives economically and environmentally sustainable economic development, and promotes human rights for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered citizens. Work like that represented by the incredible group of organizations that were awarded received grants from Headwaters at the end of May.

We know there is serious funding on the other side of these issues — literally millions of dollars being raised across the state to fight AGAINST what we know to be the fundamental underpinnings of a fair and just society.

Sometimes it feels like we are the David to that Goliath. We are small but we are mighty.

And the opportunity to address these issues is imminently yours.

Please consider a special gift today. Headwaters' fiscal year ends June 30, 2011 and we have a $40,000 gap to close before the end of the month. We are leaving no stone unturned because that is one way that we can lead together — by bringing critical financial support to this work.

You can make a secure online donation here.

Thank you for your consideration and support. Together, we can tip the scales toward justice.


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Trista Harris
Executive Director


P.S. As a special thank you, anyone who makes a gift of $200 or more by June 30, will receive a framed 4 x 6 limited edition lithograph created for Headwaters by Ricardo Levins Morales and inspired by the Victor Jara verse My Hands Are All That I Own.